Jim Lawrie continues our special Melbourne Music Week edition of Five by Five where we are catching up with some of the artists featuring at this year’s event.


Please introduce yourself.

Jim Lawrie is my name, I’m Melbourne born and raised, currently residing in the soulful streets of Footscray. My band and I do America rock n roll style stuff. Sounds a bit like torn double denim and worn out black boots. Singer songwriter heartbreak backed by a few legends who know how to play their instruments better than I do.

What are your feels about MMW?

We’ve got so many great and diverse acts playing in this sweet city all the time, it’s cool to have an event like Melbourne Music Week that showcases those awesome artists in the surrounds of repurposed and usually unused spaces. I’m a big fan of the idea that you can explore spaces that are otherwise inaccessible. Last year at the old hospital was sweet, I played solo out front in the sun for the Lunchbox Series and caught a couple of party bands later on in the basement, and I’m stoked to be playing again with my Barely Dressed Label mates and having it broadcast on PBS, one of our city’s great resources.

Who else will you be checking out at MMW? 

I’m going to try wake up in time for both Jess Ribiero and Palm Springs’ Morning Ritual sessions, two of Melbourne’s best songwriters. It’ll be a great start to any day. I’ve got myself tickets to The Drones and also going to go catch Tyrranamen, who I’ve only ever heard recorded but I hear they’re are a killer live band. And I’m going to have to go get my party on to Dorsal Fins at the State Library forecourt for their Sun Sets Session (I hear their bass player is really hot). 

What can you tell us about your latest release?

The band and I released a single late last year called Antisocialite that we recorded with a couple of mates upstairs at our favourite Melbourne venue, The Curtin. Since then we’ve been working on another album, which we just finished tracking at Newmarket Studios in North Melbourne. It’ll be coming out early next year and we’re really pumped to be playing a few songs from it at our show for Melbourne Music Week! 

You can go to any fictional place for a day. Where would it be and what is the first thing you do

Look I’m tempted to say I’d head to Hogwart’s but we all know that it really exists… I’d have to head straight down to Diagon Alley to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, because as a muggle, I’d probably have to invest in some magic to bring back to RL. Have to head down to Hagrid’s hut to chill out and have some philosophical discussions about life too while I was there I reckon.


See Jim Lawrie live at PBS Live Broadcast: Jarrow, Jess Ribiero, Jim Laurie this Thursday 17th of November.

Watch the video for Antisocialite below.

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