Ecca Vandal joins us for another special Melbourne Music Week edition of Five by Five where we catch up with some of the artists featuring at this year’s event in the days leading up to the launch.


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Ecca Vandal and I’m from Melbourne. I’m a singer and play with a bunch of legends live.

What are your feels about MMW? 

I’m really excited about MMW – it’s always a beautifully curated event where we are spoilt for choice. It’s so good that I have to make tough calls as there are always clashes of things I want to check out! I’m especially rapt about this year though, as I get to play a part in it. Looking forward to my show on the 18th!

Who else will you be checking out at MMW?

I’ll be checking out Dorsal Fins, My Disco, the M.E.S.S. workshop (learning about amazing synths!), the 10 years of triple j party and all the talented women featured at the Her Sound, Her Story event which will be super special night.

Who is currently your favourite Melbourne based artist?

My favourite Melbourne based artist would be Friendships.

What can you tell us about your latest release?

I’ve released my first EP and I have a tour coming up supporting the legends DZ Deathrays around the country this December. Also, I have new music coming out early New Year which I’m stoked about.

What is your greatest live music experience?

My favourite live music experience would have to be when I supported The Prodigy. I’m a massive fan and it was surreal to get the opportunity to warm up the crowd for them. Their show was insane!

You can go to any fictional place for a day. Where would it be and what is the first thing you do?

On any given day this answer could change but right now I think it would be Hogwarts and I’d go straight to a Quidditch class.


Ecca Vandal will perform twice during Melbourne Music Week and also speak at Face The Music:

Opening Night: Her Sound, Her Story Friday 11th

Sun Sets: Dorsal Fins + Ecca Vandal, Friday 18th

Watch the video for Truth To Trade below

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