Donny Benét joins us for the first of our special Melbourne Music Week edition of Five by Five where we will catch up with some of the artists featuring at this year’s event in the days leading up to the launch.


Please introduce yourself. 

My name is Donny Benét – I’m from Sydney. I sing, play bass, synthesizers, operate drum machines. For this performance I will also be joined by my brother on the saxophone. Style would be described as Italo Funk- Disco. 2.

What are your feels about MMW?

It’s my first time at MMW – I’m excited to be part of it as I’m always impressed at the variety of interesting performers and venues utilised by MMW.

Who else will you be checking out at MMW?

Unfortunately I’ll be in and out of Melb before you can say boo…it would be nice to stick around and catch some music and culture though!

Who is currently your favourite Melbourne based artist?

That’s a real tough one…so much talent!
I’ve always got a soft spot for Mr Geoff O’Connor who’s a real treat and also I had the pleasure of playing bass on Olympia‘s (Olympia Bartley) album – she’s an extremely interesting and fascinating artist – I’m a big fan.

What can you tell us about your latest release?

I’ve got a new single that has just come out called Working Out It’s a 12″ release and is now available on Plastic World. I like it – I think you will too! There is a new clip coming out for it which will hopefully get everyone to sweat before MMW!

What is your greatest live music experience?

My greatest live music experience was performing in Japan at a luxury golf resort. There’s nothing more to say really.

What is the most recent album your bought and why?

The last album I bought was the new (old) Connan Mockasain album “Soft Hair”. Some real nice tastes – I’m into it.

You can go to any fictional place for a day. Where would it be and what is the first thing you do?

I’d just go to Paisley Park to make Prince and Larry Graham some pasta and red sauce as per my Nonna’s recipe. Some red wine and a few tales from them would be nice.


Donny Benét plays Heaps Gay Heaps Yummy at the State Library on November 16. Get your tickets here.

Listen to Donny’s latest release Working Out.

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