Please introduce yourself.
My name is Lachlan Ewbank and I play drums in Heads of Charm and guitar in Damn Terran.

Who is currently your favourite Melbourne­ based artist?
I recently bought some pretty sweet T-shirts that were designed by Celeste Potter. She recently did the album artwork for DZ Deathrays Black Rat.

What is the most recent album you bought and why?
I bought 3 vinyls recently.
The Peep Tempel Tales because they’re one of the best bands going around.
The Wytches Annabel Dream Reader because it’s been a while since an International band has got my attention (the last one was Metz). The third one was Shellac Dude Incredible because I didn’t buy my housemate a present for his birthday which was a long time ago.

What is your greatest live music experience?
At the start of the year my band Damn Terran got to tour with one of my favourite bands Future of the Left. I saw them 4 times in 3 days and each set was amazing. They’re such a nice bunch of people too!
Second greatest would be seeing Sonic Youth play Daydream Nation in full at the Palace.

You can go to any fictional place for a day. Where would it be and what is the first thing you would do?
For some reason all I can think of is going to the Labyrinth and hanging out with Jareth the Goblin King. That’s not fictional though right?


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