Please introduce yourself

We’re Casey and Michael from Melbourne folk-rock band, Run Rabbit Run.

What can you share about the new single to be launched this week?

Michael: It’s called We Don’t Know, from our upcoming EP Bloodline. It’s kind of an interesting one for us because it’s a little outside what I think people usually expect from us. Since all our songs are usually built off the acoustic guitar, it was a bit of a step outside the box to experiment with a more effect soaked electric guitar sound, and having the song driven a bit more by drums and bass.

Casey: We recorded the whole song on the very last day in the studio, and by that time I think we were all a bit kooky. There’s some really weird stuff happening in the background of the track with vocal harmonies and spacey piano stuff that’s gives it all this extra tension. It’s barely there really, but without it I think it’d be a very different track.

How is the tour going? What has been the highlight so far?

Michael: This is actually our first time heading outside Melbourne as a band and we head off in a few weeks time. We’re all pretty excited to get a little taste of tour life, play some new venues with new bands, and meet some cool new people. So no highlights thus far, but I think we’re all pretty psyched to trek up for the Sydney show.

What is the most recent album you have bought and why?

Casey: The last thing I bought myself was Jemma Nicole’s album My Darkest Hour. She’s a Melbourne artist with this super cool gothic Americana thing going on that gives me all the nostalgia from my teenage years watching True Blood. Mum also bought me America’s Greatest Hits last week, and I’ve been listening to that a whole lot. Those harmonies!

Choose one of these three questions to finish off.

The zombie apocalypse is starting. Where will you be hiding out and what weapon will you keep close at hand?

Michael: I’d befriend Rick Grimes because he seems like he can handle himself.

Casey: I’d do it Dead Rising style, literally anything I can pick up would be my weapon, a modded wheelchair with guns on the front, a cash register, a giant plastic teddy bear. I’d try to be super resourceful. I’d also probably die first.


listen to We Don’t Know and see Run Rabbit Run’s upcoming tour dates below.


February 11 – The Toff in Town MELBOURNE

February 24 – The Loft WARRNAMBOOL

February 25 – Dolly’s Sister Vegan Café & Bar GEELONG (Acoustic)

March 4 – The Vic on the Park SYDNEY

March 4 – Glebe Markets SYDNEY (Acoustic)

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