Please introduce yourself.

Greetings it’s your uncle timbermilf here.

What is the most recent album you bought and why?

I bought ‘Malibu’ by Anderson Paak. I bought it because it’s a really tasty

blend between an unreal musical composition from a live band and

clever rap. I think he’s got great lyrics and a great tone to his voice too…

What are you most looking forward to about playing at peninsula


Revealing new songs.

What is your greatest live music experience?

The process of learning how to feel comfortable in revealing my honest

self on stage has been my favourite live music experience.

The zombie apocalypse is starting. Where will you be hiding out and

what weapon will you keep close at hand?

Is it? That sucks. I can’t tell you where I’ll be hiding because then it’ll get

too crowded but nice try. I will keep Carlos Santana close by. He will

shred the zombies away and melt their faces. Like the guy in Mad Max 2.

Rob Thomas knows what I mean.

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