Gritty, chunky and a little bit racy, The Peep Tempel are everything to love about Australian rock music. With Tales The Peep Tempel further grow on these properties, with single ‘Carol’ being one of the most disgustingly catchy things this year. So it’s no wonder that when I talk to vocalist Blake Scott that it feels like there should be a beer in one hand and the room should be lit solely by pokie light.

How are you doing man?
Yeah pretty well.

So, how’s the album launch tour going?
It’s doing really well. We went to Sydney last week for the first shows of the tour and it was great! People were singing along to the new songs, we had some really good numbers, had a bunch of crowd surfing so yeah, we had a great time. Looking forward to Melbourne tomorrow though.

Sick man! On the topic of the new album, how do you feel about the comments on your new songs saying they’re reminiscent of Cosmic Psychos and The Drones?
It doesn’t bother me, they’re both bands we get into. Though I wouldn’t say we really sound like those bands at all. That’s the thing about what you create, it’s completely open to interpretation. When it comes out, people tend to have they’re own perception of it and that’s fine and also very interesting. It’s always good to hear about what people hear and think about the songs and it’s fantastic to get that feedback. When they’re comparing you to bands you like and respect that makes it even better.

You’ve described ‘Carol’ off your new album Tales as you guys looking for an ‘ickier’ sound. Why did you start to look for this crust feeling?
Well at the risk of sounding like a wanker, that’s just how it came out. There’s always an element of darkness to what we’re doing even in the musicality of us. One of the stranger things I always say about music is that you put it together and it is what it is but I never really think about what it really is, and then I have to explain it. We like to have our music enjoyable but if you want to spend some time on the lyrics or get involved there’s another dimension you can search through and that is usually a little bit darker, but it’s just how we see the world. So really I guess it’s more so that the songs came out that way then we tried to deliberately make a dark record.

So what was your favourite song to write on Tales?
Well, ‘Carol’ was a good one because it just happened so quickly. Yeah, ‘Carol’ or ‘Big Fish’ are probably two of the more enjoyable ones to have written.

How was creating Tales compared to writing and recording 2012’s self-titled album?
Yeah, it was different (laughs). Saying that, it was definitely harder work. We got halfway through the creative process and realised that there were a few songs that we didn’t really like, and that’s actually how ‘Carol’ and ‘Big Fish’ came about. We just sat around one day and wondered if we could come up with any ideas and they came out pretty quick. It was a just a pretty different record really. I mean, we got the grant, it was the first full album that Stewie (the bass player) had played on and I guess we were just trying to not make exactly the same record as the first time. We still tried to keep some sort of cohesion with what the band is and write something that we enjoy but there were a couple of songs on there that we weren’t enjoying that much which was dragging the process along a little bit. Despite that it was a really enjoyable time and we’re thankful to get the opportunity to do it.

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