I came into this review with a very narrow and indifferent view of the style of music Luna Ghost pertained to. Shoegaze and psychedelia, which would be my most accurate description of this music, are by far my least favourite genres and yet there is something so alluring about this collection of songs.

EP Opener ‘The Sea’ is an ethereal flight through the clouds, echoing vocals carry us into a song that builds like a wave builds momentum as it comes to crash on the shore. It’s a song that places no spotlight on a singular element like say the guitar or the vocals, instead the composition huddles together in the dark and plays on its strength as a whole. It’s my personal favourite of the five tracks, but that’s not to say it’s the best song.

I feel like middle track ‘The Big Ride Out’ is almost like the ‘homage to our influences’ because I find myself thinking of a lot of bands who have come before. I love how the song cresendoes to a complete stop midday through and then builds back up again. ‘Switch On’ sounds like a Trent Reznor song with its opening drum and dirty bass combination, hell even the guitar has me eyeing off Nine Inch Nails’ The Slip with slight suspicion.

The whole record has this encompassing theme of fuzz and drone that precariously balances on the line between engaging and dreary. The band have an uncanny ability to make the chaos of noise into something attractive and understandable, with final track ‘In The Shadow Of Ghosts’ demonstrating this astutely. Luna Ghost have swayed me, shoegazing pyschadelia isn’t just about being tripped out or a plethora of noise and effects, sometimes it’s just damn good song writing.

Dee Dee Magee


Luna Ghost is available on bandcamp

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