Sometimes it feels like a band is so excited about music that they can’t settle of what ‘style’ or ‘genre’ they want to be. Dirt Farmer’s Delilah Lightning feels like one of those instances, but instead of detracting from their sound it makes it feel so much more special. Of course, the songs share a clear bond of all being quaint gorgeous lil’ ditties, but as I listened I began to feel like I was sitting in a circle bonding with five strangers, each song acting as each person’s story.

Opening track ‘She Shakes’ puts you straight in the dancing mood (or bopping in your chair mood). It’s got a great beat that takes you on a road trip, windows down, hair flying loose and wild as the sun sets on the horizon. It’s the warmth of summer, Stuart Barlow’s vocals wistfully floats through music that makes me think of beach parties set in the 1950s.

Title track ‘Delilah Lightning’ has a beautifully whimsical guitar hook which in the bridge pulls away briefly into something almost rockabilly before climbing back up through slight psychedelia to finish. It’s an apt depiction of the band themselves, not really trapped in one genre or style, breezing through from “slacker pop” to surfer’s rockabilly to nearly all out country on this EP alone.

Dirt Farmer’s Delilah Lightning is a delightful collection of songs that feel like stories telling of times past. Easy going rock and roll at its most fun.


Dee Dee Magee


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