It has been while since I stepped foot inside The Corner Hotel, Richmond. I was welcomed with the familiar dark, hazy room which was increasingly becoming hotter and hotter, as bodies crammed in to get a glimpse of Brisbane artist, Airling.

I felt as though I was in a New Orleanes Jaz bar, as the single beam of light shone down behind her, people chattering, and the bass line rumbling through the floor as a smokey haze filled the air. Airling’s presence on the stage was undeniable, as she wooed the crowd with singles such as Forces and Stallin’. As she finished her set, it was clear she had amped up the crowd, who was more than ready to get grooving to City Calm Down.


Beers filled, positions set and the anticipation grew for the sold out show. As the darkness fell, and the velvet red curtains were drawn, a roar erupted. One by one, the four local Melbourne boys entered onto the stage, each dressed in black, with the synth and dramatic lighting introducing each member.

Vocalist Jack Bourke exuded confidence as he drew the crowd in with his tambourine tapping, mysterious, electronic 80’s feels. His Peter Garret style dance moves and dark brooding voice added to the drama and effect of the set. The crowd were buzzing, singing along and fist pumping to classics from their 2012 EP release Movement’s and jamming out to the cool tunes of the successful In a Restless House album.

006-City Calm Down

Not to be missed, however, was the Triple J Like a Version cover, Spanish Sahara. You could tell the crowd was pretty stoked that this was on the set list. Arms flailing in the air and dance moves on show as the bass kicked in.

This was the overall feel for the gig. A bit of a boogie, toe tapping tunes and just good vibes all round. The team at The Corner are always in tune with great audio and show stopping lighting to enhance any mood portrayed by the artist.

007-City Calm Down

Words by Leah Hulst

Photos by Tanya Timmers

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