A name like Batpiss doesn’t call for images of refinement and cleanliness, so I wasn’t going into my first listen expecting something highly tailored. Opening track ‘Seed’ pushes you straight into the speaker stack with little chance to get your breath. Instantly feeling like you’re in the basement of some local dive, Batpiss make it clear straight away that it is every bit the stoner-punk-sludge-rock music that it’s name alludes to.

Scratchy and loose, by ‘Drag Your Body’ I felt like I was being dragged through the mud, getting slapped with sticks as vocalists Paul Portal and Thomy Cones screeched over me. For a band that consists of just the three, their sound is heavily bodied, no doubt through a simple balance of distortion of guitar and bass and high volume vocals. Having not seen the band live, Nuclear Winter, recorded live at the Tote, really makes me want to change that, and fast.

Describing themselves as  “the three-headed beast” Batpiss’s Nuclear Winter plays like a horror movie shot on super eight. ‘Come Here and Fuck Off’ is the soundtrack to getting chased by Leatherface through the back streets. Mid album song ‘Human’ is creepy as fuck and it’s fantastic. You could be drinking sacrificial blood from a ceremonious goblet in the name of joining a cult and this song could be the background chant, spiraling upwards in a feverish mash of guitar and cymbal crashes as you finish your initiation.

Nuclear Winter is dark, heavy and full of a restless desperation to make your ears bleed. It’s everything you could want in a punk/sludge album. Or a b-grade horror movie. Take your pick.


Dee Dee Magee

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