For 10 years BONJAH has been an institution of the Melbourne rock scene. In that time they’ve played the Big Day Out, played with The Who, reworked ‘Royals’ in a classic cover, released four beloved albums, outlived the Big Day Out, and become an Aus rock staple. But all good things must end, and BONJAH have announced that they’re calling it quits. However, not ones to simply vanish in the dead of nigh, BONJAH have announced a final Melbourne show at The Corner Hotel with Reuben Stone, Anna O, and Mojo Juju (DJ set). the band have also posted a farewell message that you can read below, but not without reliving some things.

“After almost 10 years to the day since we set foot in Australia, we are officially hanging up the boots & calling time on the band. We want to say a heartfelt and sincere thank you to everyone that has bought an album, come to a show or supported us in anyway. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

It truly has been an amazing ride & something we will always look back on with incredible memories. We devoted our lives whole-heartedly to our music and made so many life long friendships along the way. A special mention to our families and partners for being so supportive of us pursuing our dreams as young Kiwis.

Keeping the band together is simply not possible due to a beautiful thing called life happening. We are all still brothers & the closest of friends – we never wanted to be a band playing RSL’s thinking of the glory days. It feels right ending things on our terms with one final show at our spiritual home in Melbourne at The Corner, June 24. Tickets are on sale now.”

Love Moz, Regs, Dave and Dan. x”

Fri 24th Jun – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

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