The Bombay Royale’s exceptional sophomore record, The Island of Dr Electrico, is now available. Released yesterday via Hope Street Recordings, it is currently the featured album on PBS, RRR and SYN and is available to stream in full from the Hope Street website.

According to the press release, The Island of Dr Electrico “is a varied musical landscape, at times lush and tropical, at other times an impenetrable swamp teeming with all manner of surprises. Migrating seabirds have long flown thousands of extra miles avoid Dr Electrico’s blighted isle, leaving him alone to experiment with dark beats, primitive synthesizers and the raw emotion of kidnapped souls. The resulting sounds are a rich palette of classic cinema, from lonesome spaghetti to surf-rock, from psychedelia to spine-bending space disco, overlaid with the voices of our protagonists The Tiger and The Mysterious Lady.”

They’re playing two launch shows at Howler on Friday the 20th and Saturday the 21st of June, and tickets are selling fast. Tickets for both the Friday and Saturday shows are available from the Howler website.

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