Back at the start of August, we launched this website with a humble goal – to shoot and review gigs in Melbourne. It was a pretty simple philosophy, go to gigs, take photos, write some words and do whatever we can to promote local Melbourne music. We think we’ve done pretty well and we’re pretty excited that we’ve only been running for 3 months and already we’ve covered over 50 shows of various sizes at venues right across Melbourne (although we seem to have a weird relationship with Northcote Social Club).

But we want to do more. We know that you want to know when international bands are coming to play Melbourne as soon as they announce it. We know that you want to see photos of these tourists on our site and we’d like to think you care a bit about our opinion of their show.

Why are we telling you this?

Because in our first ever blog post we said our focus was going to be on Melbourne bands and perhaps it was naivety on our part, or perhaps we just weren’t aiming to cover the “big stuff” at that time, but for us to be able to do this we need to make some changes to what we publish on our site. It’s become obvious to us that the only way to get the bigger shows is to do pre-coverage. I’m not 100% on why bands like The Arcade Fire need any more promotion than they already get but we’re happy to make the changes to show the promoters that we care and we want you, our readers, to get the best of Melbourne’s scene.

What’s going to change?

You may have noticed we have some kind of news feed of latest news on the front page of the site, you’re now going to get more news in that. News from international bands that are heading our way soon. News about tours like Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails, more news about festivals like Big Day Out and Soundwave. We’re also going to add features to our mix. Expect to see more interviews, tour previews and yes, lists. The more pre-tour coverage we do, the more likely it is we’ll be able to get you shots and reviews of the big shows you want to hear about.

So you’re selling out then?

Not at all! We’re still for Melbourne bands. All the content we’re currently generating will stay the same and we’ll do our best to keep it at the same level. That means you’ll still see shots and read reviews of local bands like Damn Terran and Twin Beasts. Our album reviews will remain ‘locals only’ so you’ll get reviews of King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard’s latest album but you won’t see us reviewing Eminem’s new album. We’d still like to use our What Mixtape to promote local music you might not have heard (which is part of why we’ve switched to SoundCloud instead of Rdio) and while we might do a special edition Mixtape, the regulars will only feature Melbourne bands.

We hope you appreciate what we’re trying to do, it means more work for us but hopefully a better payoff. And let’s be clear, when I say payoff I don’t mean financially – we make no money from this. What I mean by payoff is we get more people clicking on the site, more people viewing our galleries, more people reading our reviews. Because if you like our review of a band you’re already a fan of, maybe you’ll read a review of someone you haven’t heard of and decide you want to check them out. And that’s our real goal.

Wes & Dee Dee

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