Melbourne. It’s the best city in Australia. You know it, you live here (and if you don’t you wish you did). But what makes it so amazing?

Is it the coffee?

The food?

The sport?

While the answer to all of these is definitely ‘yes’, none of these are our answer to the question.

It’s the music.

More specifically, it’s the fact that on any given night you can head into Northcote, Richmond, Brunswick, Fitzroy, the city or basically anywhere else and find a gig. Pretty much wherever you are, somewhere nearby is a band ripping through a set, probably with nothing but red lights on stage, and potentially to a crowd of 25 adoring fans. The fact that every week, a Melbournian that you’ve possibly never heard of is releasing an album that could potentially change your life when you discover it months or years later. The fact that we, as a city, can take a look back on our musical legacy and be damned proud of any and every band that have called this town home.

We are another fucking music website.

But we’re different.

While everyone else is focusing only on the bands that have already made it or are clearly on the rise to something bigger, we know that all great bands start somewhere. And we know a lot of them start here in Melbourne.

Our mission is to go to whatever gigs we can, whenever we can, as often as we can. We know that going to every gig is impossible, but we know that there are more gigs on in this city than most of the music websites show and we want to be there for as many as we can, and report back on them. We don’t want to limit to genre, style or popular bands. We just want to help save live music in Melbourne.

We are music fans from Melbourne.

We are What Sound.

3 Responses

  1. Doug

    This is the album:

    It kicks ass.

    Problem is it’s a whopping $9.
    on Monday the 4th of August. (and possibly on the first Monday of each month πŸ˜‰

    I suggest one of two options:
    Risk an additional $6 to get ahead of the competition, and post about it dropping to a measly $3 on the 4th of August to build me some hype.


    Spend only $3 yourself, and then decide weather blogging about a $9 album is worth it or not afterwards.

    I leave the decision with you.

    ps- i see you’re a site focused on live events, exposure always gets me one step closer πŸ˜‰

  2. Emma Hamilton

    Hi there! Your blog intrigues me! My brother and I are songwriters from Sydney, but we actually did a show in Melbourne last weekend at the Paris Cat which was frickin awesome! I wanted to show you our most recent song You’ve Got Me Wrong. Tom and I produce it all ourselves and play and sing everything on the recordings. OUr music is random, drawing influences from everything, literally. Would love to hear your thoughts. ttps://




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