Five years after second LP Requiem The Getaway Plan have returned, burdened with glorious musical purpose. Showcasing a new found energy, spurred most likely by two years of hiatus and multiple member departures, album opus ‘Landscapes’ sits you down promptly to tell a musical tale with rapacious enthusiasm. I think when you step back from creativity for a while, the comeback will always be at full force. And that’s what this is, tightly woven soundscapes that take the typical structure of a song and twist and turn it, the band exploring every imaginable crevasse of their musical potential.

There’s an airy quality to the recording, the album’s holdings are cavernous and all the layers and instruments beat out of their designated space in the tracks with impassioned vigour. The spaces between each note and melody are filled up and I can’t help but feel if the songs of this album were physical beings they would be like those groups of people who break records by getting as many people into a car at once; coveting every single piece of space available. Occasionally the sonic waves break and give way to more lucid creatures such as title track ‘Dark Horses’ and even ‘Dreamer Parallels’, but for the most part it’s an album that relishes its own epicness by doing as much as possible.

This album sounds like the soundtrack to our oblivion – not the dystopic aftermath of wretched souls wandering wastelands but the actual catastrophe itself; everything coming at you all at once, you don’t know where to look and what to do except hold your knees to your chest and hope you make it through. Dark Horses is the album that picks you up in a flurry of melody and chorus, turns and spins you and finally lets you crash to the ground as it fades off, leaving you restless and unsure about continuing on without it.

Nat Rivers

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