Dorsal Fins are a Melbourne ten piece. I mention this primarily because I assume, as with most creative processes, having that many people trying to come up with a thing means that there’s a lot of personalities trying very hard to make their voice heard. It’s not a clash necessarily, but there’s often not a lot of cohesion to the project. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work. But lucky for Dorsal Fins, I have a really short attention span, and the amount of musical shifts throughout Mind Renovation kept me interested and, at points, enthusiastically miming along.

It’s apparent there’s a lot of people involved in the project. The first track, ‘Nothing Left To Hide,’ with its scratchy vocals, chugging drums and howling guitar, sounds like it was penned by someone with a childhood of listening to L7.  Then immediately after, the album launches into the gloomy pop of ‘Monday Tuesday.’

And it works. It’s lovely, even. There’s something kind of wonderful and egalitarian about a group of talented musicians taking the time to collaborate on something without trying to shoehorn a louder and more important voice into the middle of something that doesn’t need it.

Highlights include the 90s reminiscent psychedelia of the title track ‘Mind Renovation’ the 80s synth pop-sounding ‘Heart On The Floor’ and the aforementioned ‘Monday Tuesday.’ But really the whole album is great.

Alex Johnson

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