Mississippi garage rockers Bass Drum of Death released Rip This in October, their second album in just over 12 months. BDoD founder and frontman John Barrett took a brief break from their US tour schedule to chat with our own Cleatus Glob about the new album, Nicolas Cage movies and drum related homicide.

Thanks for talking dude! What’s the time over there right now?

Yessir, it’s 11 am.

How’s travelling across the states going? Not that it’s exactly new game for you guys, but how are the Rip This tracks translating live?

It’s been great so far. It’s always a bit weird playing shit that people aren’t necessarily super familiar with, but the new songs have been going over really well.

So, not to be pedantic but what prompted the name Rip This?

Haha, for us it was kinda an inside joke “fuck you” to people that were gonna review it, because we’ve always kinda felt slighted in that regard. But at the same time it’s a rallying cry for whatever, really. We liked that it worked in a couple of different ways, and that it was simple.

What brought on the decision to bring in (Unknown Mortal Orchestra bassist) Jacob Portrait as producer? How did y’all even meet?

We’ve been homies for a while now, we both put out our first records on Fat Possum, and have toured together a couple of times. I’m also in a fantasy football league with him. Anyways, we’d always talk about recording whenever we hung out, and while we were on tour with them last summer we got a little bit more serious about it, and it kinda went from there. He’s a wizard in the studio, and really knew how to get the most out of us. Definitely was a great situation to step into considering I’d never worked with anyone else on this project musically.

Have you gotten much fan feedback from Rip This? If so, how do you feel about what they’re saying?

From what I can tell people are into it. I know it’s probably weird for some people that are into our first two records just because all of the dirt and grime isn’t there, but I think this record is a bit more indicative of how we sound live.

Have either of you two killed with a bass drum before? Or does the idea not en-snare you?

I see what you did there. I actually was really pissed about breaking multiple strings during a set a few years ago, so I rammed the neck of my guitar through the bass drum head, only to pull it out and see that the neck of the guitar was split in two. So I haven’t killed with a bass drum but the bass drum has killed a guitar.

OK, so stepping out of the whole Rip This timeframe, what’s it like having Velvet Itch in Ghost Rider 2?

Pretty cool I guess.  I still haven’t seen the movie. We are both big Nic Cage fans though, so it’s cool that we’re associated with that dude. Len went to his future grave the last time we were in New Orleans, he’s already built it. That guy’s crazy.

Really though, you guys have made waves through an enormous amounts of media, be it video or video game. Why do you think this is?

Not sure really. We are lucky to have people working with us that are really good at getting us into those spots, I guess. That and we’ve been lucky. I’m not complaining, that’s for sure.

Bass Drum of Death will be supporting DZ Deathrays on their ‘Get Rich or Drunk Tryin’ Tour‘ in 2015.

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