We here at What Sound are massive Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age fans so, obviously, we’re pretty damn excited for the co-headline tour that will be hitting our shores in less than a month. While we will undoubtedly love every second of the show regardless of what they play, there are a few songs that we’d love to hear Trent, Josh and Brody throw into their setlists.

I Appear Missing

This song is seriously amazing, some of Josh Homme’s most emotional lyrics and just brilliant all over. We’ll be very disappointed if we don’t get to hear this song live, even if some of us won’t be able to see the stage past the tears we’ll be weeping.


We don’t know what (or even what lineup) Trent and co. are bringing out for us next month, and while we doubt it will be anything like Tension, we can only hope that the revitalised version of Sanctified makes the setlist. The 25 year old song has never sounded as good as it did during last year’s epic North American tour but, while we can be sure Pino Palladino won’t be lending his funky fretless bass to the mix, it’s still doable.

Better Living Through Chemistry

Probably the most self-indulgent Queens of the Stone Age song ever written, on the album this song stands out as dark and virtuosic and live it hits a whole different level. A monstrous 8 minutes full of guitar solos overlaying bass solos overlaying drum solos and at least 30 odd seconds of just feedback in the middle, it might be lost on some but hardcore QOTSA fans will definitely want to hear this. We know, because we are.

I Am A Revenant

When Brody left Australia and started The Distillers she was an angry, young punk and she had plenty to scream about. In 2002 when this song was released she was on her second lineup of bandmates and was not far off divorcing Tim Armstrong and her rage was really showing. 12 years on and she’s happily married with two kids. She’s also got a whole new sound thanks to Spinnerette so it would be great to hear her delve into her catalogue, just to see if the anger is still there.


One of the coolest songs on …Like Clockwork, and a staple of QOTSA’s recent live sets, we definitely expect to hear this one and we will certainly enjoy it. But it would be almost cruel if Trent doesn’t join them on stage for it given that his vocals feature on the studio version. They clearly aren’t averse to sharing a stage and a duet of this would be incredibly special. Plus, we promise not to roll credits over them if they do decide to team up.

I’m Afraid Of Americans

We know it’s an odd choice, considering it technically isn’t a NIN song, but it has been popping up in their live sets recently and Trent’s remix of the song from David Bowie’s ‘Earthling’ is both better, and better known than the original. We also thought, while we’re dreaming of a duet between Trent and Josh, our favourite ginger could easily step in and sing Bowie’s parts. Admit it, it’d be pretty great.

The Perfect Drug

OK. It’s never been played live so we know it’s not going to happen. But still… please?

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Thursday, March 6 – QANTAS Credit Union Arena, Sydney
Friday, March 7 – QANTAS Credit Union Arena, Sydney
Saturday, March 8 – Entertainment Centre, Newcastle
Tuesday, March 11 – Perth Arena, Perth
Thursday, March 13 – AEC Arena, Adelaide
Friday, March 14 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Saturday, March 15 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
Monday, March 17 – Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
Wednesday, March 19 – Vector Arena, Auckland
Saturday, March 22 – CBS Canterbury Arena, Christchurch

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