Here at What Sound, we’re proud of the artists our hometown produces. A whole lot of them will be showcasing up at BIGSOUND Live next week and while we’d love to see all of them, we know sometimes it’s not feasible. With that in mind, we’ve decided to be super helpful and take some of the guesswork out of your night so here’s 5 Melbourne artists you shouldn’t miss.



When not fronting seven-piece indie rock band Farrow, Melbourne musician Will Cuming is stretching his musical chops (so to speak) with electronic solo project, Lanks. His debut EP Thousand Piece Puzzle is a masterful bedroom recording that brings a wonderful selection of songs that showcases an intriguing mix of copious vocal layering and well thought out grooves.


The Bennies

Without doubt The Bennies are one of the best rock bands out of Melbourne and if you’ve ever seen them before, you already know that every gig is a fucking party. Get there and get messy but be prepared for Friday morning’s hangover…


Coach Bombay

Apart from having probably the greatest name on the planet (yeah, I’m a Mighty Ducks fan and what of it?), producer Terry Mann’s solo project Coach Bombay is a whole lot of fun. His latest single ‘Girls’ is a great pop song and nothing short of danceable (which apparently is a word now).



Honestly I’m trying to work out how I’ve never heard of this band. It’s exactly the sort of music I love – totally fucking mental – and they have no shortage of material having released 12 EPs (in 12 months, mind you) and 3 albums, the most recent of which, What Kind of Creature Am I?, is totally brilliant.



Aside from sharing the title with a delicious breakfast that quite frankly I don’t have enough of in my life, Pikelet is probably one of those bands you need more of. I find it hard to describe this music well, mostly because I’m not terribly good with the word things, but also because I could simply sum it up as ‘really cool.’

So there’s our list in no particular order. Also, we said we were taking the guesswork out of it for you but we totally forgot to check if there were any clashes. You can do that yourself by checking the BIGSOUND Live timetables. And if you haven’t got your tickets yet you can do that here.

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